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Welcome to the Class 5-2 Wiki!

A wiki is a place where we, as a class, can post our thinking and ideas about topics we are studying. You may add your thoughts and ideas at any time, from home, during school hours, or any time you can access the internet.

Our wiki has rules:
We would like this to be fun and stress-free. However, for everyone to have fun and learn, a few rules are necessary:
When editing a page, please be sure to use correct spelling and punctuation.

  1. Do not erase anyone else's work.
  2. Do not post anything inappropriate. We can locate the computer and the person who typed each message. Be respectful of our wiki.
  3. Proofread your work before saving.

To our visitors: This wiki space is a work in progress. It is a safe place for students to share thoughts and information. We may have typos, grammatical errors, or misspellings. We apologize and we will try to edit our wiki as soon as possible.

*All Half Hollow Hills wiki users are bound by the Half Hollow Hills Internet Use Agreement and are expected to use this wiki in an appropriate manner, for educational and curriculum purposes only. Administration reserves the right to delete any inappropriate material at any time.