Kelly's human body project


I am going to tell you about the skeletal system and how it works, how to keep it in good shape,and other cool things about the skeletal system. I hope that you have a fun time looking at my wiki i had fun making it and i hope that you have a good time looking at all the things that i did on my wiki page. I made it for you to read have fun. I hope that your bones do to.

What would happen if human didn't have bones? Think about it

You'd be floppy like a beanbag.Could you stand up?Forget it.Could you walk?No way. Without bones you'd be just a puddle of skin and guts on the floor Bones have two purposes.Some,like your backbone,provide the structure which enables you to stand erect instead of lying like a puddle on the floor.Other bones protect the delicate,and like sometimes soft,protect of your body.Your skull,a series of fused bones,acts like a hard protective helmet for your brain. The bones,or vertebrae, of your spinal column surround your spinal cord,a complex bundle of nerves. Imagine what could happen to your heart and lungs without the protective armor of your rib cage!

How many bones do humans have?
When you were born you had over 300 bones. As you grew,some of these bones began to fuse together.The result?An
adult has only 206 bones!

How many bones move?
With a lot of help.You need muscles to pull on bones so that you can move. Along with muscles and joints,bones are
responsible for you being able to move. Your muscles are attached to bones. When muscles contract,the bones to which they are attached act as levers and cause various body parts to move.

Are your bones alive?

Absolutely.Bones are made of a mix of hard stuff that gives them strength and tons of living cells which help them grow
and repair themselves. Like other cells in your body,the bone cells rely on blood to keep them alive.

What is the function of this system?
The function of this system is that bones give you shape and support for your body.Bones also protect your organs like the heart,lungs,and most importantly,the brain.The last thing that bones do is help your muscles,muscles allow you to move because they are attached to your bones.

Describe how the system works.
Everybody has bones,everyone needs bones.Your bones are hard and stiff unlike the rest of you which is soft.The hard stiff bones help hold the soft parts of your body up and they give the soft parts of your body shape.Every bone in your body is joined to at least one other bone.The bones are joined by strong,stretchybands,like big rubber bands.These bands are called ligaments.Your bones are getting harder all the time and they are getting bigger too.Your growing bones are helping to make you bigger and taller and will keep growing until bone has replaces almost all of the cartilage.Even an adult has some cartilage in some of their bones.Most girls stop growing before boys do.When your bones are fully grown they will be stronger than granite if you take good care of them.But even though boness are strong,bones can break.Bones are filled with a mushy red material called bone marrow.Bone marrow is where blood cells are made so your bones also help make your blood.Every bone has a name,and they are all white in color.

List 3 ways you can help keep this system in good working order.
The frist way you can help your skeletal system is by eating healthy foods.If you eat the right foods then your bones will be strong and healthy and the best food that you csn have for your bones is milk.Milk is filled with calcium.Calcium is the mineral that is found in bones.The second way you can help your skeletal system is to protect it when playing sports or other activities.You should wear the proper protective equipment so that you do not break a bone.The last thing that you can do to help your skeletal system is to go see a doctor for yearly physicals to make sure your bones are fine and strong.